Food and weather-related inertia also weaken our metabolism and performance. The muscles have shrunk even by the lack of movement and the first open air activities tiring and fatigue more than otherwise despite the fresh spring air. Therefore, movement and sport, but also massages and herbal baths are the proper antidote. Preferably during a more or less long wellness stay. In the over 2,000 m wellness area of the Maxx LifeStyle resort in the hotel zum Kurfursten, high above the Moselle in the Spa district of the recognized climatic spa town of Bernkastel-Kues, no wish remains, to promote fitness and well-being. It comes on joy and everything seems increasingly easier. Movement and sport: whether in the heated pool, aqua fitness and Nordic walking.

The first effective steps to get back in shape. Who wants to do more for the personal revitalization, for which is the vital and Spa Hotel especially the first address to the electors. Evidence of this is probably also the award by Carina Laux, the relevant Archduchess of the Maxx LifeStyle resorts, to the Spa Manager of the year 2012. Your very own personal postulate: We interpret LifeStyle on a daily basis and contribute to a good life in many ways and above all sustainable. Finally find our guests feel good experiences, but also fitness prevention and ultimately of course health care, holistic, of course”. It is because made for private hoteliers Heiner Buckermann: we offer more and are more than a pure vitality and wellness. We are one of the few and also recognized holistic TCM-hotels of the Republic. Due to our many years of experience, and a competence centre for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) “.” Each guest should his inner harmony and thus find the physical and mental balance.

Especially in the spring. In terms of a sustainable lifestyle, no fasting, but the assistance help there to a conscious nutrition. Achievements on the basis of an individual State report, the pulse, tongue, and Meridian diagnosis, on the one hand a dietary advice (with an appropriate plan for the aftermath of the return) and the implementation by the five elements cuisine, which long ago among the culinary highlights at the vital – und Wellnesshotel. The excellent Spa Manager Carina Laux adds: and on the other hand, the completion of the Fruhlingsfit measures, also on the basis of personal TCM diagnosis, by from preliminary indications, such as E.g. guasha massages, acupuncture, herbal baths and herbal teas. The traditional Chinese medicine ensures integrated revitalization, rather than the stressful winter body so”to avoid yet more energy. Acupuncture, tuina massages, full – and foot baths, however, relieve exhaustion as the gentle Qi Gong exercise, which will also continue at home as can be. So, the winter-weary body really comes through. By the way: Highly sensual and in the truest sense of the word without bitter pills.” So refreshed can really come spring.