Globalizado world if cannot deny that the globalization, thanks to the improvement of the vehicles of transport and communication, has contributed to shorten in the distance between the peoples, facilitating the interaction politics, economic and cultural of the countries. However, what it would have to represent socioeconmico advance has configured a concern of the modern man, who lives deeply the permanence of the social inaquality, the misery and the international exploration, therefore the interdependence harms the nations that do not have competitive technological force. It is lamentable to perceive that the developed countries divide the damages, but do not accept to divide the profits. Thus, when the stock market of Tokyo, for example, presents an accented fall of values, many world-wide economies face enormous and chaotic crisis, however, when the index of value of the stock market of Tokyo is raised, does not have euphoria in all the markets, what it proves the relation of loss exploration that exists between the poor and rich countries, respectively. Of this form, the manifest globalization modernly the old strategy of invasion and politician-cultural domination of which the mismanaged countries have been victims. For everything this, is necessary to reformulate the model of globalizado world that, by its social impact, cannot be used to privilege definitive nations that assume the right to take world-wide decisions regarding the destination of the humanity. The main objective of the globalization must be the creation of a gradual, harmonic world, just and cooperative. Jean Carlos Neris de Paula.