Generating Body

In the decantation, nuance is launched stops beyond the project disciplined body to beyond provide to one/Inter/body that remakes the way in the crucible of the transposition. When an actor, makes and remakes the passage of a gesture, transforms a gesture into music and such music in power that mobilizes the corporal forces for a new gesture, however of same matrix, it launches the creative process for it are of certain itself of that refluxo will be reached by its. The gesture, exactly unchained for axle, if allows to have emptyings that make of this axle exactly, something desencadeante, however, with fort to be able creative. Generating mass When transposed, gesture, action or nuance, are changedded into a generating mass, something that is located between the text, the body of the actor and its stage. Of the generating mass the macerated and free signs are born. Free because they transpose the body and it comes back reached as something new and contagiante. Of one hiposigno forged, appears the sign decanted with great power of contamination. Hiposigno Hiposigno is the exacerbado sign, been born of the first moment of the transposition.

She is when the transposition generates another aesthetic perspective, however still needed a maceration. It is an one sgnico sketch, whose intensity determines a principle of construction and expansion! The Hipo-sign is basic, for being the first one to launch itself stops beyond the body. It all unchains the process that will more generate refluxo creative to the front. The principle, seems that the concept of hiosigno is inadequate, having in sight that treatment of a exacerbado sign that in thesis would have to call hipersigno. However, hiposigno, much even so are exacerbado, it does not have in it the necessary wealth that it only happens after the process of maceration and decantation. For being a poor sign, I decided to call it hiposigno.