Gastric Band

Operations such as gastric banding, born with the purpose of helping lose weight to people who have tried this in many ways without obtaining real results. The gastric band operation is to place a division of stomach into two parts. The first part is larger, and the lower part is that comes into contact with food. That which makes the child has contact with food is thus the person feel satiation of hunger with less food, eating less and accumulating fewer calories, fats, etc. The type of food they consumed, since with operations such as this where the stomach, the amount swallowed is reduced is much lower and should contain minerals and vitamins that requires the body to not have deficiencies is very important in the gastric band operation. The gastric band operation is recommended only apply to people who have tried different types of diets without results. You could say that you as a last resort to lose weight permanently.

Another important element in the gastric band operation is that once the person is operated, the purpose is to not only eat less by the band, if not that accustomed to your body to consume that amount of food in a mechanical way. We must remember that the stomach is an organ that is resized, so as much as is being used this time, if the person returns to eat others, then your stomach will take a new size and they will return to the same. The gastric band is a final operation which can help people with obesity problems that have tried diets, medications, etc to be able to eliminate obesity. M. Marin employee Hold Asociados hold.