French Government

They seem to impervious to criticism. They saved financial institutions, but the debts became liabilities of global States and the taxpayers. It was just a transfer: does not solve the problem, but that it passed to other hands. According to a survey of FIFG-Le Monde, the French 80% and 73% of Britons believe that bankers have learned any lesson from the crisis. Deutsche Bank, BNP, Societe Generale, Goldman Sachs have realized significant benefits, which would be something to celebrate, if not outside which have become slippery practices and accounting maneuvers that led to the global finance crisis. In France, Societe Generale departed from its 678 million euros earned in 2009, almost half, some 250 million to pamper your executives, then that France will help its banks to emerge from the crisis by injecting 21,300 million euros and the Bank bonus they were strongly criticized. BNP, its great competence, will distribute 500 million euros between its market executives. At least it has lowered its ratio of compensation (relationship between wages and profits) of 28%, against 40% in previous years.

Browning Goldman, who won 6 times more in 2009, the ratio is nothing less than 44% (a kind of Google, the Bank in which all the traders yearn for work), and the British Barclays for example, of 38%. The French Government, enraged, decided to follow the British and tax bonds dumped in 2010 (from fiscal 2009) by 50% more than 27,500 euros. BNP with 4,000 operators, has an average of 125,000 euros per trader. As well and whole, not intimidate. The case of the directors of the insurer AIG (NYSE:AIG), responsible for the crisis subprime, saved by the Government and the Americans was almost rude. They went on a spree a week and at a hotel in California despilfarraban monies provided to the rescue of the company, more than $200,000 on rooms, $23,000 in spa services, and applied bonus of more than $1 million per head, while a 10% unemployment was brewing in USA, Americans lost their homes and entered bankruptcy.