In the development of daily activities we find that preserving food is a vital factor, hence the invention of systems as useful as the freezer, which have allowed the preservation of food is greatly facilitated. The cabinets are a system of cooling or freezing, which accomplishes this by converting electrical energy into heat energy, usually these are a perfect companion for appliances such as refrigerators and coolers. The freezers are composed of several parts which play very important roles when frozen. Some of them are: Sealed unit: where are located the compressor and motor, in order to avoid environmental factors do not affect the operation of any of the two components already mentioned. Motor: This is responsible for providing power to the compressor so this will make the air circulate, also is in charge of energy for the proper functioning of the thermostat. Compressor: This is responsible for making the air temperature rise through openings or condenser, making it cool to circulate throughout the ventilation system of the freezer. Condenser: is a system that makes the air circulating inside the cool down and become cold water, this system is by providing all the necessary temperature freezer to cool or freeze as appropriate.

Evaporator. This makes the water turn to steam again, to restart the cycle, going through the compressor. Thermostat: ensures that the compressor continues its cycle by measuring the temperature of the freezer. In the market we also find other types of freezers, such as laptops, which a great choice for occasions like a campsite or a long trip. Today we find in the freezer market with new devices that save up to 60 percent of energy, without commenting that improve performance and prolong the life of this appliance. Some experts make some recommendations before buying cooling system, as the poor acquisition of one of them to mean the loss of money, it also represents a health risk because of poor food storage can make these go bad, and as commonly known, intake of these can be toxic. Given the above some good recommendations are: Observe the characteristics of each freezer, in order to know which meet our expectations.

If you plan to buy a freezer-refrigerator, it is important to know if you have two compressors, which fed on different sides both cooling systems. Ask for the lifetime of the appliance. As you can see are very simple recommendations, but at the time of purchasing a frozen system can make a difference. In short, we can say that freezers are a great choice when it comes to preserving our food, not to mention that also can be portable making them a very useful for everyday life.