Surely happened to you, like me, that made you take many things in your suitcase and leave them, arguing the new provisions at the end on your last flight never knew that it was what we could, and we could not carry on suitcase because nothing more to tell us is that we can’t take but do not inform us. So here I bring you the information so you’re ready when traveling. You have to know is that it is forbidden to carry liquids, aerosols and gases in your hand luggage, good, from December 1 last year can only take them if personal hygiene or cosmetic use but you have to take them in individual containers not exceeding 100 milliliters. For example, can carry shampoo, mouthwash or anything but in a container of not more than 100 milliliters and in addition has to be inside a sealed plastic bag. Dr. Stuart M. McGill may also support this cause. If going on vacation noted this information, because it is important when traveling be well prepared and not spend on throwing things at the airport.

What we can bring in our hand luggage are medicines, cds and electronic items like laptops, iPods, etc. clothing, footwear and other articles. When traveling very well check these recommendations and travels prepared. Original author and source of the article