Fitness Training

The workout consists of these four pillars to start another way with the fitness training, is a so-called body weight excersises training, called BWE. Essentials in fitness training In the following are essentials for the fitness or six pack training more precisely explained. Much brings much. This is not the case, on the contrary in the fitness sports. The body is not a machine and can cope with therefore no hours of workouts with extremely many sets. It is therefore: intensity before time.

The body needs its regeneration time and rest time, which can be differently long depending on the intensity. Is this not allowed the body, it comes to an overtraining and the body falls into a muscle (anabolic). Injuries may be the consequence. Muscles grow not at practice, but only in the stationary phase (regeneration). Therefore, it’s important enough to sleep. Large muscle groups are trained before small muscle groups, since the latter often as Synergist (Help muscles) with claimed during the training of the large muscle groups. So arrange your exercise in the Traininsplan accordingly so that you first train the large muscle groups such as the leg muscles. To build muscles with heavy basic exercises and a low number of repetitions.

Get his muscles in a diet, differently than described in many books, also with heavy basic exercises and a low number of repetitions. It would increase the number of repetitions during a diet and thus reduce the weight, as requested by many authors, the body would have to work not so serious and the muscles would disappear, because they are an unnecessary luxury for the body. When she enrolled in a fitness studio is usually a trial or the design of the training plan. Unfortunately without these plans of partly any logic and are overwhelmed with set numbers, which no one in the long term can cope with.