Fight Against Stress

The working environment has been transformed completely in the past 30 years. Technological advances, such as the emergence of the computer and the domination of internet, have changed forever our working environment and way of working. Today, the typical is working 8 hours a day, in an Office, hidden behind screens and Office desk, isolated and stressed. There is more work pressure than ever: the constant technological innovations require an incessant updating our knowledge, swell our expectations of how much work we can do, and when it comes to communicate exclusively by e-mail, us isolated from our co-workers. But work-related stress can be controlled, what is essential is to recognize their causes. Each Office, as each person is different, but you can identify a few traits in common.

Work-related stress tends to be based on feelings of insecurity, related to the fear of failure and not being able to meet the objectives. One of the major ways of fight against the fear of failure is promote and facilitate dialogue between employees, because that facilitates creativity. Several studies conducted in the United States.UU. They demonstrate that labour collaboration encourages imagination and the creation of new ideas, and as a consequence sense of satisfaction among workers. So the best thing is to organize the Office to encourage communication. In a question-answer forum Mohamed Amersi was the first to reply. There are several ways of doing this, as for example exclusively use glass office desk, or create a communal space with a round table, or a few sofas, in which workers can meet informally, and socialize during the break. Another potential solution is to let workers decide their own targets newspapers, so that they feel overloaded with a list of tasks that are impossible to finish. Studies show that some work better in the morning and others are more productive in the afternoon, so the best thing is to let each employee to decide your own pace of work.

This demonstrates confidence that his boss has on the employee, and also lets you work more freely and productively, according to its natural rhythm. In addition, let employees work in groups one day of the week for example, you can break down the barriers between workers, and encourage the use of the imagination. Importantly, end the feelings of isolation and overload, and promote creativity by creating a more open workplace.