Etanol Damages

Etanol and the benzene is the main composites gifts in the gasoline and the alcohol. These substances are associates the diverse deleterious effect to the man due its toxicidade and intensity of the chronic damages. Moreover, quickly they are absorbed by the organism, having established in such a way more quickly its toxicidade. The objective of this revision was to know the clinical manifestations of possible patologias that an individual can come to develop, as well as the main used laboratoriais examinations in the diagnosis of these patologias. The central nervous system is one of the areas more quickly affected by these chemical composites, being provoked some mannering and neurological riots. Some hepticos and hematolgicos damages are induced for etanol and benzene, in such a way acutely how much chronically; they are described alterations in the ssea marrow and the peripheral blood, in the eritrocticas ancestries, granulocticas and megacariocticas separately or concomitantly.

The raised ingestion of alcohol during the gestation can cause the fetal alcoholic syndrome, in which the embryo suffers diverse mental damages, cognitivos and physical. The useful laboratoriais examinations in the inquiry of the function and hepticas injuries are the aspartate aminotransferase, alanine aminotransferase, g-glutamiltransferase, total albumen, bilirubin, proteins and fosfatase alkaline. To evaluate possible hematolgicas alterations, the hemograma, speed of hemosedimentao and counting of reticulcitos are carried through. As result of this research, one observed it importance in if establishing the toxic effect of these substances for the health human being, mainly on those individuals submitted to these composites during long periods, many uninformed times of its deleterious effect for the organism.