Emergency Medicine

“The Professional Association of German surgeons, the stable and DIVI warn urgently a new profession in Berlin because lack of specialist physicians in German clinics, the DGINA calls for the introduction of a new profession in the rescue – the specialist in emergency medicine”. But what initially tantalizingly, is in fact a sham. While currently working in German emergency rooms fully trained surgeons, internists, gynecologists, neurologists, pediatricians and other trade groups, there would be only a specialist in emergency medicine in the future, who can learn only fractions of the knowledge of the individual areas of expertise during his own training. That would be a qualitative step backwards and a danger to the patients”, says Mrs Prof. Julia Seifert. The Vice President of the BDC works as senior consultant in one of the largest accident clinics in Europe, the ukb: Germany occupies a leading position in Europe in the care of accident victims, heart attack or stroke patients.

The reason is among other things, that we have created structures such as trauma networks, stroke units and cardiac catheterization courts and that we can provide specialized physicians of all professional groups in the medical services for and specifically train the medical talent. Obtain the individual specialist physicians can later an additional qualification, the additional designation of emergency medicine”. Currently the contents of this additional designation be examined and expanded, so that in the future, the entire field of pre-clinical and clinical emergency medicine is shown.” Prof. Dr. Dr. Hans-Joachim Meyer, Secretary-General telling DGCH,: In emergency medicine is the cross-cutting work of all subjects in the foreground. We need to support this.” Prof. Dr. Andre Gries, spokesman of DIVI section interdisciplinary emergency”and Medical Director of the central emergency room at the University Hospital Leipzig: what we need is a two-year additional training emergency medicine for the senior doctor of any central emergency room and for the medical staff working permanently in the medical services.” The DIVI has emergency room in a working group in which all involved disciplines were represented, defines the requirements of the additional training and submitted the Federal Medical Association. Some other European countries have established the emergency medicine specialist (lack of finance, lack of well-trained specialist physicians) out of necessity.