Early Stimulation

Young children already know that it is absolutely essential to develop as fast as possible. Exists within each child neurological that so it requires a kind of imperative portion. All young children want to grow fast, want to learn everything possible as soon as possible, not we privemos of this need during the first six years in which going to learn everything without effort, provide them the work with a well-organized programme of early stimulation. Children are wonderful, Yes, provided the child earn a day of mental age by each passing day, at least. Every day that no advantage is lost time. The first six years are the most important to develop the brain, and that will depend on not only quality of life but also the capacity for survival for the rest of his life. All significant brain development has ended at the age of six, although then you can continue to develop won’t so dramatically. Nature planned it very well, in these first six years of life the brain can absorb a high speed data and besides this information will last you a lifetime.

These data will form the basis upon which will be developed and will prosper the knowledge and wisdom. It is well known that the brain develops with use and that don’t use lose it, the same thing happens with muscles. In fact the brain, with use, develops throughout life, but when its growth is more significant is up to six years of age. Therefore, in the implementation of the programme for early stimulation much before better, less effort and more results you will get. The intelligence of your child will depend on the environment that has during the first six years of life. At his birth it has the potential to become any thing that has been any human being, and this continues until approximately six years of age. At age six, the capacity to absorb information without the slightest effort has disappeared for life, and the significant development of the brain already almost you have finished. It has become practically what is going to be.

However his wisdom has not done more to begin to develop. It will continue to grow throughout his life. We have the more we are more wisdom and knowledge accumulate but less ability to learn we have. On the other hand, children do not have wisdom, babies are not born with wisdom and with knowledge, but their ability to learn is very high up to six years approximately, then decays although never disappears. Instead his wisdom, which is null and void in principle, rises very slowly and barely begins to appear at age six. Everything that is important can learn it in those first six precious years. Reading for example, is not more to learn a large number of data, called words. And it is easier to teach a baby under 1 year to a child of seven. In short, education begins at age 6, the sooner the better, preferably from birth learning.