Director General

I myself considered release everything that stop being me, that precisely, that I was, and only until they take my true spiritual condition consciousness, I discovered that my mind I’m not and that I am not my mind, moreover, that my mind is just a fantastic tool to my service, and I could then enter the process of removing the control to give it who truly is. They have been to every human being the talent to succeed, be happy and have a dignified life for what it is, a spiritual being created in the image and likeness of God. It has been given also the capacity to develop them, and authority of each who is already doing so or not. Some will develop them, others will bury them. From which side are you? This is the answer that really matters. A few escudaran in that did not know how to do it, for you, however, that excuse is no longer valid. Now, see what shared us Patricio Norambuena of Chile, a student of the system with only a month and a half of practice.

When I started to develop Talent Hunting System, he felt that he was blocked in many aspects of my life. The truth is that I was very discouraged. A friend told me about the system and seeing the changes that had occurred in her I decided I do it also. When I started my training, with the first steps, I felt a great impulse for change, grow, find a different path that lead me to be quiet and to feel good about myself. To develop the secrets I discovered things in me that she not valued, I found myself with certain feelings that I hid, I found myself with my person and discovered qualities unaware that in my. This made me appreciate me, I understood that I’m capable of a lot of things that even before sitting in the system he swore that it was not able to achieve. An example, I always thought that never could find a job in a Bank as a cashier, something that I longed for during break-in me it as a goal, to feel grateful and put into practice what I learned with Talent Hunting System over the support of Francisco and Luz Marina and the Carola, my mentors in the system, and most importantly, the sense of security in myself and in my abilities that was now experiencingI did it.