Correct Posture

Keep your back straight – the most effective way to visually lose a few pounds and add a couple of centimeters. Seem a little slimmer and higher, and, therefore, be such – in the men's eyes. Slouch on the podium is no longer fashionable, sunken breasts are no longer pleasing to the eye. Set the tone portly star like Nicole Kidman, Monica Bellucci, or Jennifer Lopez, who proudly defile in scarlet 'Oscar' lane, reviving the memory the golden age of Hollywood with his divines, who knew an expert in the art of charming rolling gait. Around the world boom in ballet: the studios do not want to push among urgently learn to do Plies and arabesques. These older ladies long goodbye to the children dreams of ballet dancing – they just want to look spectacular in that dress, which nosyat. Antoine Daria, author of Elegance ', observes that' a woman, first example of a detail that was going to buy is almost always holding the mirror surprisingly straight. If at home, she discovers that her dress looks not so great as in the store, then there is nothing to be surprised: she forgets about the posture, breast habitually fails and your body settles.

" Quite superfluous, but to reduce it to absurdity, moving through life with a stiff back. No, the price of ease-free stately pace, grace and the very lives of twenty elegantnost. first century, alas, to what this does not have. 'Whatever we do – working at his desk, reading, eating, talking with sitting opposite the person, – everything leads us to lean forward' – recognizes Dr. Susan Bergoltsev, former chief physician at New York Cornell Medical Center. According to her, the cause of back and shoulder 80% of cases – bad posture. And for the symptoms associated with shoulder muscles and joints, this figure reaches 95%.