Constipation Through Reflexology

The 80 women and more than half of adult men suffer from chronic constipation. This is mainly due to the typical habits of life of modern society among which sedentary lifestyle caused by age, lack of time or interest in sports activities, which together with poor feeding, ends in a constipation. Although often with a few simple changes in your diet it is possible to end up with the box of unrest, in some cases only optimisation food does not reach. The majority of persons with symptoms typical of constipation often resort to laxatives, although it should be noted that this brings with it a serious problem many end up becoming addicted to them. Laxatives, achieve our gut work slower than usual, and as some depressive symptoms, neurological disorders or endocrine disorders or intestinal blockage may also may influence the onset of constipation. Why through reflexology can treat constipation in Naturally, practicing the feet massage two or three times per week, up to which the pressure pain is gone, i.e. when the functioning of the digestive system of the patient is restored. This massage should practice two or three times a week until the pressure pain, that will be the moment in which the functioning of the digestive system is restored completely. To achieve results breaths massage must be accompanied with a healthy diet and a little bit of physical activity to regulate metabolism, the patient achieve the balance needed to improve their quality of life.