Commission Species

It would not be anything if we saw in a countryside guys firing their machine guns against any bird, mammal or animal species (except humans) are crossed.Such assertion is not the result of madness, but extrapolate to land what happens at sea to meet the human demand for fish, multiplied by five since 1950. This increased consumption has not improved the diet nor has subtracted dependence from vaccines proteins that prey forests and accelerate the greenhouse effect.In fact, the global fishing industry represents the main hunter-gatherer activity of man today. Animals can not compete with fishing nets which cover several miles and which are guided by satellites that tell them where they are large schools of fish. This has resulted in overfishing or depletion of two-thirds of the major fishing grounds in the world, as he denounced the Commission for Geoscience, environment and Recursos.El 90% of the deterioration of marine ecosystems is due to overfishing, said a few weeks ago American biologist Daniel Pauly, specialist in the decline of fish stocks in the hands of man.The markets of the developed countries are demanding large predators such as cod or tuna, that will disappear as a species with the current rate of fishing. Thus claimed it Pauly, one of the 50 most influential scientists of the world according to the Scientific American magazine. The biologist criticizes fishery subsidies, which justify a fishing that uses many resources to a poor catch.They are erected as alternatives artisanal fisheries, the consumption of more small and abundant species and the creation of reserves maritime, because less than 1% of the seas is protected, faced with the of by itself insufficient 10% of forests. Perhaps the global crisis in the sector offers an unbeatable opportunity to rethink fisheries around the world and to create legal mechanisms that avoid predation.After exhausting its fish resources, some industrialized countries have moved their fishing capacity to countries South, weak Governments have at the time of with the law protect their marine ecosystems and economies of artisanal fishermen, who have abandoned their profession in many countries for not succumbing to poverty.