Next, proceed to the terminal pin. To do this, cut a 10-mm circle into pieces of 8cm. But before you do it – be bent into a circle of terns at 90 degrees, since 8 inch rod is hard to bend – a long rod is much easier to bend. Hold half a meter rod in a vise and hammer blows begin to bend (to gripe is not cracked – they should be metal instead of cast iron, which we told in the Tools section). Following is a rod bent at an angle of 90 degrees – it cut off on both sides of the size of the drawings. It remains only to cut a thread on this post. To this end, we take the die with a ring on 10mm stifle pin in a vise and cut the thread on it. If you grind locks no opportunity or desire, it is possible to make them more simple and less time consuming option.

This option allows you to make locks for Vulture dumbbells just in themselves on the balcony in the presence of conventional grip (even iron). In principle, the sequence of actions is the same. Only instead of the range of 40mm, we need to take a pipe diameter of 28mm and cut it into 4 pieces are the same. Received the ring can be wear on the fingerboard. Will only have to drill holes in them for the thread for the clamping pins, instead of the clamping pin can take a simple bolt-on 10mm.

Trim it a hat, and drill a hole for the cross (Perpendicular to the bolt or pin 6mm). This design, though a bit primitive, but the ability to hold the pancakes dumbbells from falling. At first, this'll do. The only notable negative – it's a good chance derail the thread with the clamp of Castles, since the thickness of the pipe, which is threaded only 2,5 mm. And it is very small, with a strong regular covering the finger you can just crank out the clip. At the Castle above, this distance is much more – 6mm, which is more than enough. Taka same clamping mechanism previously used in the castle for vulture firms Vasil. This moment seems to care about their customers and for safety reasons, they replaced this lock design Clamping on the original dies, which are directly on the wind onto the bar or dumbbell. A more detailed discussion of manufacture of dumbbells is the forum of our website. Drawings of the neck and locks to it, as well as other simulators you can download by visiting our website.