Cats Eye and Ear Care

For this procedure are perfect cotton swabs or cotton swabs soaked in special preventive veterinary lotion or clean water. Clean pet ears should be very cautious, treating only the visible part of the ear. Can not penetrate deeply into the ear stick, as you can damage the eardrum. Compared with other breeds of cats ears, the ears look huge sphinx. If the owners think that the animal can not hear, you should check his ears for the presence of foreign bodies and parasites. Appearance granular secretions and air raids, dark brown or black color indicates that the pet infested with ear mites.

To clarify the diagnosis should be a good show cat veterinary technician. Eye Care Eye Cats can tell the owner not only the mood of the pet, but also a deterioration in his overall health. Therefore, the eyes and ears as the sphinx, you should inspect every day. At the slightest suspicion of the disease, the animal must show an experienced veterinarian. Redness and swelling of the eyelids, and the appearance of purulent discharge from the eye are often signs of a domestic cat diseases. You should not forget, however, that the Sphinx is not cilia, and they can accumulate in the eyes of a small amount of translucent brownish gelatinous precipitates, so they need to wash your eyes daily to prevent accumulation of separated secretion and adhesion century. Eyewash is best to use saline or distilled water. There are also special preventive and lotions for the hygienic handling of cats eyes.