Castors System

It would be strange if a technique for moving goods not used one of the most needed and sought-after accessories – braking system. In all the previous articles, we have considered castors and rollers from the point view of their functionality and scope, but each movie, in addition to the basic configuration has its own accessories. And the question we will focus on braking systems used in wheel bearings, in other words, it rolls with brake. All these systems are blocking the rollers at rest the wheel and the swivel motion wheel fork. Simply put, the braking system – a brake wheel and brake from swiveling. The braking system is installed on brackets castors or rollers made from metal mechanism, structurally and aesthetically mechanism is completely organic, able to accept and withstand all conditions to which it was designed. The brake does not move a loaded truck, like on uneven and sloping surfaces on which degree slope, they would not have had. The same truck is fixed, if it applied to the force (push, pull) to move it from place.

Usually, it acts as a system that protects against accidental displacement. Move the heavily loaded truck at random is not difficult, but to stop its movement, especially if she stood on the slope, and after impulse moves gathering speed, is problematic. Naturally, it should be noted that the selection of brake systems for the clips must be done by specialists who know their characteristics and mechanical opportunities. The difference of the three brake systems is that each applies its own method of fixing rollers, each with its location brake system (, a front) and there is the expediency of their installation for a particular purpose. The system is in working condition with a stationary truck, by pressing the brake pedal with his foot, after which the fixation roller in a stationary brake plate. Removing the brake is the same shift pedal to the starting position with his feet. It should be noted that the rollers with brake may be present as an accessory in nearly every series of wheels and rollers, but a series of rollers with ledge and very-heavy wheels and rollers.