Caribbean Cruises

The Virgin Islands are popular destinations of Caribbean cruises on the exterior, the Atlantic back to page, about 85 km from Puerto Rico, to Great Britain a few away part, on the other hand some fifty small and large islands, associated with the United States since 1917. The Virgin Islands (USVI) are popular destinations of Caribbean cruises in the Eastern Caribbean. U.S. Virgin Islands, the main island of the former Danish island group is St. Thomas with the beautiful island capital of Charlotte Amalie. Charlotte Amalie is due to their low-cost cameras, perfume,”spirits as Hong Kong of the Caribbean. More information is housed here: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries. Every day several cruise ships in the frame of a Caribbean Moor during the high season in winter cruise here. That did not diminish the ambience of the small island’s capital.

The shops are housed in restored Danish warehouses. The Danish Fort Christian of 1680 is reminiscent of this time. The stomach Bay Beach is in guidebooks as one of the most beautiful Beaches of the Caribbean called. But of course there are other beautiful beaches and coves around the island. St. Croix is the largest of the U.S.

Virgin Islands. You enchanted with two idyllic small towns after Jutland models: Christiansted and Frederikssted. Almost all buildings are from the 18th century, are under monumental protection. In the Centre of the island, on a green hill, promised located Queens quarter, in which the guest such as a farmer can feel in the midst of its plantations. St. John (only 4000 inhabitants) obtained from St. Thomas from the ship in about 25 minutes. Here, it read, unspoiled tropical paradise. The US authorities want to receive the heavenly state of nature, they made the most of the ten-kilometer long Island Park to the Virgin Islands National with hiking trails, with an underwater coral path for snorkel diving. Who still then snorkeling, the face in the direction of the coral and the flocks of iridescent fish and mussels, signpost, discovered on that He is in finding the sunken and unreal not blurred.