Care Of Our Hair

our hair care tips. At the time of hydrate, only moisturizes the tips, use cream rinse in the roots can lubricate the scalp and weaken the hair. Apply a mask once a week, use a mask for your type of hair. At the moment of choosing a shampoo, please always present to choose one that suits the conditions of the hair you have, if it is stained, smoothed, with rollers, with reflexes, etc. since they provide proteins that hair loses in the procesosquimicos to which we submit it. Wash your hair whenever you get dirty.

Correctly choose the tails, presses or accessories to pick up hair, if possible, use her loose hair. Cut your it every 6 to 8 weeks. For current hair washing is necessary to choose suitable shampoos, as far as possible that are free of detergents that could damage it. Clarify the hair thoroughly, waste products dirty hair and can irritate the scalp. Clarify hair with lukewarm or almost cold water, avoid very hot water since it damages.

Increasingly as possible, should massage the scalp with circular movements, from the nape to the front with the fingertips, thus favours the circulation and the growth of the most delicate and thin hair, strengthening them. Dry with towel gently! Untangle you hair with love, ten care breaks. When you choose a brush, remember that you must possess soft bristles for not damaging the length of the hair, nor exert jerks, or requebrajearlo. Careful with the hair dryer and the iron, there are now products protectors for use before you dry your hair use them! Keep in mind the diet, consume plant foods, fruits and avoid excess fatty food. Stress is an enemy of the capillary health in case of suffering from it, try doing exercises that help you manage and overcome these moments of crisis. Do not abuse the hair dryer, if used it to be at a safe distance.