That's what, about, going to the body, which deprived breakfast: the liver through the night quietly supply the body with food (glucose), which arrived yesterday. Its usually enough for 10 hours, after which it was 'disturbing' and waiting for agents. But if you have not had breakfast, the liver works emergency mode. And when, finally, you have something to eat, blood sugar levels dramatically jumps, produced large amounts of insulin, and the fact that you ate, much of the 'cocoon' to this very emergency mode does not recur. If you eat three times a day, blood sugar rises slowly and slowly decreases, and the body does not seek to make strategic stocks.

Also, before you go to the kitchen Think about whether you really want to eat? Hunger may be caused by simple lack of water. According to statistics, in 9 cases out of 10 people think he is hungry, when in fact he wants to drink! Physical load Exercise – no less important point than the diet. So try to join the gym at least 3-4 months. Firstly, because of this, you will save the muscles and after a diet will not look like 'Pale makaronina', but as attractive girl from the glossy magazine. Secondly, you will lose weight faster, and thirdly, to improve coordination, will begin to understand and love your body. Physical activity can increase energy consumption. This may be shaping, aerobics, Callanetics, skating and rollerblading, swimming, yoga, cycling, walking a brisk pace or jog with the dog.