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4 Essential benefits you must take into account before purchasing a health insurance in today visited a patient in the Miami area, which we had located as so many others do, by this or other websites Internet, interested in purchasing a health insurance to his wife of 55 years. Welcomed us very kindly where you explained in detail about the options to address the health of his wife and within them we speak of preferred medical plan as a HMO that truly is one of the cheapest and most profitable in south florida. The Sr (more than of which reserve the name, although this situation is given to us on a daily basis, i.e. the names us enough) showed us a document of Aetna, as it could be from another company, which paid him only $141 monthly by his wife of 55 years (remember also that the age is important does not pay equal a sra of 30 to 50 years). Obviously given the experience our activity we realized immediately the because that share of insurance was so cheap doctor.

And this is something that we will continue to constantly insist. Do not ask only the monthly price. newcomers ask the benefits that has that policy of health insurance, and is good that these 4 essential benefits are known in detail about what we’re about to acquire: 1-co-payments or Copayments 2-deductibles (deductibles) very important. say that the most important of all 3-Co-insurances (co-pays) that corresponds you assume 4-amount of doctors in Network of (providers, medical and other institutions: hospitals, laboratories, centres of emergency medical (Urgent Care), pharmacies, dentists etc) as in effect the policy that offered to Sr X for his wife of 55 years had a deductible nothing less than $ 10 000 hospitalizations and emergencies. What has the great significance that corresponds to your Pocket first 10 000 dollars that are spent in the hospital and later is that it begins to pay to the insurance company. That’s the deductible in the USA, the value that corresponds you assume in the event of emergency medical in a hospital or a hospital institution, even when you’re entered. It is so good that you learn very important Tips memory, look to this simple tips don’t know you what you can cost thousands of dollars to lower fee monthly increased deductible insurance for health (and benefits) and vice versa. To greater fee monthly less deductible of the segurode health (and benefits) Adalberto Ravelo Health Insurance Agent (licensed and certified) 259 786 Webmaster 0067SegurosMedicosMiami.