Breathing Exercises

Certain types of breath can be used during daytime rest and in any moments when you need to refresh your brain and come into balance, to concentrate on his condition. Very useful to carry out the respiratory exercises before any kind of gymnastics. When the breathing exercises performed massage internal organs, improves intestinal peristalsis, strengthens abdominal muscles. Master the complex respiratory Gymnastics should be gradual. If you do it very intensively, you may receive dizziness and other unpleasant symptoms of hyperventilation of the lungs. General rules for the implementation of the complex are as follows.

Need to breathe pleasure. Remember that pleasant feeling in itself has significant health benefits. Positive emotions, breathing the joy – the key to success. Only to do the exercises until nicely. Concentration attention on the breathing exercise increases its scope. Slow breathing is necessary to saturate the body with oxygen. Breathe through the nose. Engage in comfortable clothing in a well ventilated room or outdoors.

Main Rules of the series: 1. Freedom and ease of breathing (all exercises are done gently, naturally, without effort). 2. Do not strain, to remove all the "muscle clips." 3. Focus on the upcoming exercise, recall its main elements. 4. Take a deep breath. 5. Perform breathing exercise. 6. Rest after exercise, relax. Catch inner feelings. When the entire complex will be mastered, you can do it with my eyes closed, to better focus and achieve purity of breath, feeling the air stream pose of concentration. To stand comfortably, legs spread shoulder-width apart, feet parallel, the reliance on middle of the foot. Bend your elbows and just above the chest, connect the base of the palm and wrist with his fingertips. One can imagine that is sandwiched between your hands a light that warms your hands and concentrate on it. Smile, face and hands relax. The shoulders are lowered, head and spine aligned.