Brazilian Population

The phenomenon of the feminizao of the oldness is seen as a doctor-social problem. On the other hand, the taxes of chronic illnesses are very bigger enter the aged men of what in the aged women, even so this fact must move in the future generations, a time that the women contemporaries are displayed the same the type of risk factors that the men in the present time. The feminizao of the oldness also is indicated by the relative growth of the tax of aged women who are family heads and that they are part of the economically active population, what means that on the other hand the young is not giving account to provide its proper necessities. The aged women are a prominence in the society and the gerontolgicos studies not only because they are more numerous, but also because they have if involved in the search of the active and healthful aging, inserting in social spaces that allow the reach of the well-succeeded oldness. Therefore, she is of utmost importance to identify and to promote conditions that allow a long and healthful oldness favorable to the individuals in a context of equality of good distribution, of promotion of health and of cultural and social chances.

The main factor of risk for mortality continues being the proper age. The more if it lives bigger is the possibility to die. The majority of the longitudinal studies with aged residents in the community seems to agree that, beyond the age, the sex of the individual can be determinative of the risk death, with the men presenting a bigger risk of what the women (Jagger et al., 1993; NCHS, 1985). All the excessively changeable ones are dependents of a complex interaction between the individual and the environment, that, in turn, varies from time to time of culture for culture and. Exactly the factor sex can come to have its relation of risk modified in the future, with the social evolution promoting a significant increase of deaths for DCV between the women, now more displayed of what before to the occupational and ambient factors of risk, had its gradual incorporation to the economically active population. REFERENCES RASP, L.C.V. BUENO, C.M.L.B. AGING AND SORT: The VULNERABILITY OF AGED IN the BRASILRevista Health and Research, v.