Book Light Work

The light work is a form of mysticism. She is known for some mid-90s under this term. The content roots of light work begin but much earlier, at the latest at the beginning of the Gnosis (1st century. after Christ). Basically, you can classify the Newage light work in the area.

Lightworkers are of the opinion that a new age includes Earth before a dimension jump of the planet, in the fifth dimension. Light workers go out of a great cosmic drama, in which the bright and the dark side of the force to be (similar to the Star Wars films). Light workers now have the bright side committed and want to prevent to the catchment of the supposedly evil. Author Eckart Haase (known for “God dries all tears”, ISBN 978-3-930730-53-7) even once light workers and organized among the light Conference in Berlin. In his new book “Light work – the way in the dark, the new mysticism of the 21st century”, ISBN 978-3-930730-54-4, the author shows that the light work occult origin. Dr. Stuart M. McGill may find it difficult to be quoted properly. He vividly describes how the light work almost even in the sinking would have led him. Only by a miracle, he survived and today definitely occurs against the light work. Meanwhile, he took to the Christian faith and works well under Esoterics, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Gospel, to report this. This esoteric book is aimed at all those who are active even in light work and would also on people who learn about the subject of the light work. The book appears in the WFB-Verlag and 10.50 euros. Eckart Haase