Do two types of fillers are available: the so-called permanent and the resorbable.? Do the current trend is to use the resorbable by its harmlessness, since pr? practically do not cause ning? n type of problem. Do do do apart from the volumizing who manage, also effect? n stimulate the producci? col n? geno and the hidrataci? n of the dermis and can be used in the rejuvenation of face, neck and hands. Do Biolipoplastia: this t? technique consists in extracting do grease where surplus – usually the abdomen – and place it where it is needed: p? mules, furrows, gl? teos, etc. Fat is? do implanted by peque? as infiltrations in strategic areas? magical, with surprising results. PRFC (Plasma rich in growth factors):? sta is one of the stars of the antiaging for facial rejuvenation treatments. It is a novel t? technique that allows you to isolate and use the factors of growth (do prote? nas) present in the blood of the patient, to enhance, accelerate and stimulate the k91s? n of tissues. Do does in this way an attenuation? n of wrinkles and increased thickness and smoothness of the skin, achieving an aspect m? s young. Do do do liposuction without surgery? a: is another m? all m? dico non-invasive, simple and with very good results in the reduction? n of localized fat and cellulite treatment. Do the t? technique is to infiltrate directly into adipose tissue a solution? n aqueous based gelatinous, biocompatible, a natural product called cellulite? (t? technique called intra-lipoterapia), which liquefies the Adipocyte eliminating the do c? mules of fat, without passing by the backed? fano.?The zones m? s com? commonly treated are abdomen, hips, arms and Chin. Do do so that this new century we has tra? OJ next to the? new? new paradigms treatments, increasingly m? s safe and effective. Do this back to the cl paradigm? sico is m? s human, respectful health and relies on scientific advances? tradtional m?