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Two ways to create a caloric deficit to achieve fast tearing: – burn calories through activities such as exercise – reduce the amount of calories you eat throughout the week remember that if you drop your calories in a meaningful way, the same thing happens with leptin levels and runs the risk of closure of the metabolism. However, you won’t have to worry that if leptin levels are at their highest level. The best time to create an extreme caloric deficit is after one day cheat. As noted above, leptin levels found in your level higher after a day of cheat. This type of configuration can in fact produce one kilo of pure fat loss in a day. Most would consider a pound of fat lost in a very good week so this is an incredible step forward.

3 Diet and training must work together whenever you start a diet or a training program, is very important that your exercise and diet go together or are mutually reinforcing each other. You not be a wrench to drive a nail, so do not use a diet designed to gain muscle mass with training designed for weight loss. When talking about how to get torn quickly, it is very important not only to account for the amount of exercise that makes, but the type of exercise is. An example is the so-called formation of lactic acid. The formation of lactic acid is designed to increase the production of hormones in the body. The great thing about the formation of lactic acid is that he forces your body to build muscle and lose a ridiculous amount of grease, at the same time.

4 Avoid weight gain increased while that in a normal diet and that they experience a loss of one pound per week, you slowly plateau up to the point that the fat loss stops completely. Through the use of days trap in your diet, you should now be able to lose 2 pounds of fat per week and do not experience a decrease in loss of fat or plateau. However, the day cheat will result in a positive increase in fat, that if removed it would be speed dial. In order to remove this buildup of fat positive, you must incorporate the strategic training to deplete muscle glycogen and triglyceride full shops. If this type of training is done before the day of the now deleted cheat of any grease accumulation positive while you still have the same increase in metabolism and the increase in hormones. 5. Maintenance of lean body mass existing every time your body experiences a caloric deficit in the long term, have to look for other sources of energy, because you are not eating the same thing. The problem arises that the body does not like maintaining muscle mass, while in starvation mode. Literally, fat is dead weight. The body does not use the calories to maintain fat, however, muscle mass requires energy to maintain. Therefore, the body will resort to the use of the muscles of their energy during long periods of diet. Muscle lean essentially controls your metabolism. If you lose muscle mass, there goes your metabolism. However, through the use of strategic tricks days and training days you can make your body thinks that you are not in a long-term calorie restriction in order to obtain torn quickly. best fat burners and fat burners