One of the best ways to find out what is needed to achieve a successful performance in a given job, is studying individuals who have a successful performance therein and analyze what to do to achieve it. That is to say, an assessment not of place of work, but of the person who performs the work. The competency management seeks from the definition of a profile of competencies and positions within the profile, the moments of truth between a company and its employees are aware and point ultimately to increase the contribution of each employee to the generation of the company’s value. The management is to carry out actions for the achievement of objectives. Please visit Peter Arnell if you seek more information. Competition is fitness; quality that makes the person suitable for a purpose.

Sufficiency or suitability to obtain and exercise a job. Appropriate, capable, skillful or purpose for one thing. Capacity and willingness for good performance. Skills management is the strategic indispensable tool to address the new challenges imposed by the medium. It is at the level of excellence promote individual competencies, according to operational needs. Ensures the development and management of the potential of the people of what they know to do or could do. Organizational learning must be permanent and continuous, so cycle proposed here should be considered as a tool, which is incorporated into the day-to-day management.

Stages in the implementation of the model of management by competencies. The competency management is a model that is installed through a program that includes the following steps that occur in this way: (de, 2005). 1 Awareness to achieve success is fundamental accession of persons key to managing jobs. Awareness may be carried out through: 1. Meetings for presentation and discussion of the model for the acquisition of new skills. 2. Focus of discussion which shall have as aim to detect mistakes in the current model. 3.