Autumn Detoxifying In The Buddha House Ibiza

A detox treatment strengthens the body and the immune system in preparation for the coming winter in Hamburg, September 13, 2012: In everyday life is nowadays hardly time to devote the attention the body, which he desperately needs. Instead we spend a lot of time without fresh air and sunlight, uncomfortable sitting in front of the monitor, hastily devour ready meals and take no time to move the body athletic. Also the proverbial breath comes short. As soon as the body is complaining, we access to tablets, and to suppress the signals that should draw our attention to this imbalance. Thus, we destroy the body’s own healing powers even more. Fasting and Detox treatments can even after many years various factors to enable the spirits unhealthy lifestyle: Yoga, altered nutrition and physical activity. Balasubramanian Pantel Ayal, trained Dipl.

Psych. brings these three things Multi level therapist, in its nearly week-long Detox cures under and helps its visitors on this way in a few days to a whole new sense of self. At the same time, the immune system by means of controlled detoxification can be selectively strengthen in preparation for the winter. In its health centre Buddha House Ibiza is focusing on personal development, embedded in fasting and Detox treatments. Under the bright sun of Ibiza, surrounded by exotic plants and Mediterranean architecture, the Buddha House offers its guests detoxifying of the very special kind: a wellness holiday, forgotten so quickly no longer becomes accompanied by daily sessions of Yoga and Thai massage. Initially not much needed for a detox week at Buddha House: comfortable and warm clothes (even in summer), swim wear, casual outdoor clothing and shoes, dry brush with natural bristles, linen change and lots and lots good mood and looking for new experiences. The arrival is usually on Tuesdays.

Introductory talks take place on the day of arrival, questions will be answered, and there is a preliminary visualization. At the beginning, it is essential to drink plenty of water. In the evening, there is still a light evening meal, afterwards will soon went to bed. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are the days of fasting. Saturday is the day of building, where the body is getting used to solid foods. The fast is broken together, and participants have with everything they need for the rest of the day on food. A detox day at Buddha House might look like this: half an hour after getting up are carried out various exercises with musical focus, to breathing exercises, Kneipp-kicking and visualizations that are held in small groups. After breakfast time for regeneration during a relaxing, slow walk. After that is a resting phase on the program, in which the collected experiences in a diary recorded, until we meet again for lunch. A subsequent professional yoga class eventually leads to complete relaxation. After the last meal of the day in conjunction with evening rituals together singing, dancing and much music.