Autumn Chill

Well, that autumn has come. And everything seems to be pretty, yellow-red-green. And the weather is like perfect. But it turns out that each fall the same cold. The same symptoms and same treatment. Well, when there opportunity to lie down a couple of days rest from the daily routine, eat fruit, drink tea with lemon and back to work. But the specifics of the big city is such that he will not wait.

As a result, each and every ill “on the fly, with each afternoon leaving a healthy person a gift in the form of bacilli in transport, at work, in other public places. Treatments are not so much. All of them are checked for years and millions of people. The first way – his grandmother’s recipes. We collect a bunch of herbs, vegetables and fruits. Brew concoctions, do warm-up, soar feet and so on. All this effectively and it all helps. Another thing is that long enough.

Moreover, the approach here must necessarily be systemic. One morning, in the evening – another. The second way-medical. We take antibiotics, Squirtwoman, other pills, ointments and so on. Read the instruction manual – we use. All elementary and simple. But even here there are drawbacks – many side effects, adverse effects on the stomach and immunity in general. The third way – homeopathy. It’s all very difficult, long and strictly according to the scheme. It is advisable to take everything in advance, that our life is an almost impossible. And that’s what I feel really constructive way is to begin to strengthen the immune system is still before the onset of cold weather.