Attraction Recognize

To start writing this article below transcribire part of the end of the previous post: revelation is a narration (to be not only extensive cite just a few verses) how the Ego was separated from God and went down to the mind of the man bringing with it one third of the angels (the rebel angels, which is the way Cone call themselves to bad thoughts) to fight positive thoughts (loyal Angels) that are sent by the mind above aware. Engaging daily in the mind of the man a constant battle between the negative and positive thoughts (the authors say that they daily come to mind around 50,000 thoughts). To the extent that let that negative and limiting thoughts we expire, will be when our goals failure. While in the moments that our positive thoughts they prevail over the negative ones, even though our goals seem others unreachable, at that moment we will leave victorious and our wishes will come true, materialized that way as the second coming of Christ as specified through parables in the Apocalypse. Now with this interpretation that I realize the Apocalypse we can begin to realize and recognize ultimately who is the enemy that threatens our from you. Pragmatically speaking I would say: to be able to defeat an enemy first must know who is and who we are facing, otherwise would be like firing in any direction and at night. With the understanding of the book of revelation we can determine three premises which will help us to be able to recognize who is our enemy, the tactics used and predict the moments in which we will attack. These are: the enemy: the Ego, making in the Bible it is called Satan, the evil, etc. His troops: they are bad thoughts and in the Bible it recognizes them as demons or rebel angels.