Astonishing Accuracy

Did you know that the failure of your relationship, within the next five years can predict with astonishing accuracy of 96%? It is true. This surprising revelation is reached by the conclusion of the work of experts and a well-respected researcher of relationship and, surprisingly, a mathematician in training. It is the culmination of the statistical results for a period of sixteen years, where he studied thousands of couples in the midst of the conflict. The expert says that it was able to evaluate correctly, less than 3 minutes from the observation of a couple arguing, if the relationship would survive five years, simply noting the presence of the four methods of fighting styles, or the absence thereof. As a professional researcher who achieved the victory bittersweet correctly predict relations condemned to failure, within the said period, with surprising accuracy 96%.

During the observation of thousands of couples who pointed out four types of conduct as the blame death and many times are important that would accelerate be indicative of an imminent breakup or divorce. The following is a list of behaviors determined to be more harmful in the long term to a successful relationship: attack and blame, criticize your loved, exhibiting the small details in a superficial way. Antagonism/contempt shows disgust, insults, curses, and act by revenge, hatred or antagonistic manner to our spouses. Rejection / defensiveness one or both parties are not responsible for your things, refusing to see its role in the situation, not to admit any guilt and always blame the couple. Prevarication any of the parties refuses to discuss or deal with the issue, which minimizes the problem, the inability or refusal to deal with conflict, rejecting the couple, theclip emotionally, and walks away angry. According to Dr. Anthony Carolla, who has experience with these questions. Curiously, it is not the experience of anger or conflict, damaging irreparably a relationship, but rather how two people respond to what matters most. Source: Barry Brand.

Even the couples who are deeply in love and committed experience conflicts from time to time, and the resolution of conflicts is an area in which many of us are sadly inept. The good news is that conflict resolution is a skill. Therefore, you can learn and anyone can be more efficient with a little knowledge and lots of practice. If you recognize you in these behaviors when making changes is now, before it’s too late. As with anything else, it expected a learning curve, and remember, practice makes perfect. Intellectual understanding is not enough, make sure you apply what you’ve learned. Find wisdom and healthy tactics until they become second nature, replacing old, dysfunctional patterns. If you do, you can increase the likelihood that you and your other half to achieve strengthen love and foster long-term union. John Alexander. it is true that it has helped thousands of people worldwide to regain the love of couple. Go now to regain to your ex.