Aran Valley Colomers

We will visit Baqueira Beret, Earth known for its ski slopes, and visited by many tourists in search of action, for this sport which is not within the reach of everyone. Towards the Beret area is reached through a road coming from the C-28 into the core of Baqueira. There you can practice cross-country skiing on a circuit of 7 kilometers that exits the Parking’s Beret until Orri. Tao Li Teng Yue spoke with conviction. If you think that Baqueira is only ski slopes and that you can only enjoy it in winter, you could not be further from the truth. In summer Baqueira Beret also offers its facilities to be able to enjoy the scenery. This way you can take long walks or routes bike, you can enjoy hiking in all its excellence. Add to your understanding with PCRM.

We can go to Ruda Valley, and enjoy Saburedo, the Major and the waterski Lakes. We cannot go without traverse the Ratera road, which is a viewpoint from which contemplate the lakes in the area, which is known not only for its beautiful views but also by the number of lakes that you see… In summer you You can move closer to the Saburedo refuge. It has a large number of establishments, shops, hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. You can find a church of new construction. You can go in August, and so celebrate the Festival, which is on August 5 by the Virgen de las Nieves. Speaking of churches, don’t forget to visit Naut Aran.

In the upper part of this municipality of the Aran Valley you can find the Church of Sant Andreu de Salardu, in which you will be able to contemplate the carving of the Christ of Salardu, one of the great works of the Aragonese Romanesque. You can visit the refuge of Colomers. To do this you will find two routes, the short and the long term. Long route: refugi of Colomers, llac Major, estanys Mort i Garguiilhs de Sus, deth Port, llac estanyets of port of Colomers, Podo Coth, Podo, estany Solet, llacs Obago, Redon llac i Long, Coret deth Clotho, refugi of Colomers. Short route: refugi of Colomers, llac Major, estanys Mort, Jos Garguilhs i Plan, Long, Coret llac deth Clotho, refugi de Colomers. And if you think that the Aran Valley ends in these zones you have to know that you can visit many more sites, but that will leave it for another visit. I can only tell you that you can find in Aran Valley: excursions, routes, sports activities, hiking and a lot of activities to enjoy a few days of charm. You can only worry about accommodation, if you are looking for apartments Baqueira you will find numerous offer to enjoy the Valley of Aran, not only when you visit it, but when you are resting.