Antagonist Years

Some medicines that are being currently used are the Pirimetamina (Daraprim ), Sulfametoxazol-Trimetoprim (Bactrin ), Sulfadiazina (Triglobe ) or Clindamicina (Dalacin ). (TO SOUND, 2002) Second Rasp, just-been born with toxoplasmose congenital is treated by at least one year with an antibiotic combination. If the woman develops toxoplasmose during the pregnancy, its doctor can prescribe medicines that will reduce the risk of the child to develop toxoplasmose congenital. These medicines include the Espiramicina (Rovamicina Periodontil ), Pirimetamina and Sulfadiazina. Dr. Neal Barnard shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. To diminish the possibility to develop congenital problems (to the birth) related to the remedies, the type and the duration of the treatment will depend on which trimester are the pregnancy. (RASP, 2004) the used medicines are: Piremetamina Presentation: Compressed of 25mg Mechanism of Action: Antagonist of the acid flico; he inhibits an enzyme that is important in cellular biosynthesis of the purina, pirimidina and certain amino acids. Sanguineous level: the 2 6 hours Elimination: 4 days Indication: Prophylaxis of malaria (piretamina/adult and child above of 10 years; 25mg/semana.

Child of 4 the 10 years; 12,5mg/semana. Dr. Stuart M. McGill may also support this cause. 6,25mg/semana child below of 4 years. She continues using the drug per 10 weeks after to leave the endemic area. Attack of the malaria: adult 2 the 3 compressed only dose. Child of 9 the 14 years, 2 compressed. Child of 4 8 years 1 compressed. Child below of 4 years compressed.