Anaylsebogen Insurance

Incorrect data, inappropriate tariffs who is offered and not even rudimentary suitable solutions looking for a private health insurance (PKV) realizes very quickly that he alone hardly progress. Too many selection criteria are to bear in mind, often far into the future to allow for focused events and then this sinking feeling… who is thinking already like what bad diseases can happen to him. So the customer looking for a consultant. The will to know and help and this is mainly in the interest of the customers and independent advice.

It is still best, you pay for an analysis, because then she can be independent and just right. Customers of the magazine think of this. These are the “consumer watchdogs who advise in insurance matters”, one reads Finanzest, often. Unlike the broker or representative the company wants nothing sold. That’s only partly true, because an analysis is not free of charge. Finanztest has touted the analysis with the following words on your Web site.

(Emphasis by me) The prospect of better performances than in the statutory health insurance seems tailor-made offers tempting, but what private insurers offers appropriate protection? We determine for you cheap providers of private health insurance with the services of your choice. And if you are already privately insured, we will show you what alternatives your insurer offers to the current protection. But the questioner for his 18 EUR gets what exactly? The request is neutral, right and gives sound advice, so the apply after is possible? I have tried it and sent the Anaylsebogen to the financial test. The questions sufficient to make a recommendation? We see once more the questionnaire. Initially it’s quite questionable as us from my point of view which there are questions. Believes financial test or do you seriously believe that these few questions will be sufficient? 7 questions in the ambulatory, 3 in the stationary, 3 more in the posterior region and then two General questions, as well as 5 questions for the sickness allowance simply unsuitable even begin to find a suitable product.