American Consultants Inc

RX help is on the way you imagine hearing the pleas of leaders in the community who advocate for for aid for its people. People amounts to millions in the nation and is an unrealistic burden on the President of a small company (ACIRX) located in. It started out as a question in November 2004, that is later to be an appeal. Is there anything that can help my people with your medications? This was a question of a director on 13 mostly rural counties in Georgia. A site of service, hospitality and shopping online was first embossed on where people could come to a site for help. American Consultants Rx Inc. (ACIRX) was also taken as a project of the community service of American Consultants Inc., an agency that runners in insurance and services across the country. It consisted of a card program of the prescription of the discount that would be donated free of charge to the heads of non-profit organizations, doctors, hospitals, of the churches, and even the public, and networked with above fifty thousand chain through U.S.

pharmacies. The company initially donated over 2.7 million ACIRX discount prescription card free of charge that saved people up to 40% drugs shutdown and 60% shutdown of generic drugs. A card would take care of a family and there were no expiry period. The directors of non-profit organizations, doctors, social workers, State and federal agencies, churches, etc. began calling these cards. When ACIRX reached twenty five million orders, your only sponsor stopped basically was too much. Although financial aid is trying to print and to send about 60 million ACIRX free discount cards, 10,000 groups, where will be donated free of charge to the community, to above ACIRX made available card on to click on the blue flag of ACIRX and download and print free discount for ACIRX that will be honored card in over 50,000 chain pharmacies. ACIRX President promised not stop at these people. The project is not one cure all, but it is something hope.