Aiticon Information Portal For Alnatura Achieved

The IT service provider Aiticon realized demanding website relaunch the Alnatura health food retailers increasingly in the future when communicating with customers on online media. For’s 25th anniversary, the website was subjected to a relaunch and considerably expanded. The IT service provider Aiticon works for Alnatura and its sister companies for two years. He successfully implemented, for example, the microsite for Alnatura origin, a product line of Alnatura. Well designed and implemented the sophisticated new website of Alnatura Aiticon. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Wayne Holman on most websites. Customers outside the Alnatura markets and branches of trading partners, Germany around 1700, to achieve and to inform, the website of the health food company Alnatura was radically restructured and designed. The functional requirements for the new information portal were extraordinarily high: A Google Maps mashup of realized source Finder with Europe about 2,700 stores, the Alnatura lead products, a recipe database, a full-text search, a Interactive location map for the Alnatura markets as well as a library have been implemented already.

Working on the realization of new interactive modules that help to intensify the dialogue with the customer, and the expansion of existing ones. Shortly before is also the live circuit a product database with the entire Alnatura range, around 900 organic products. The editorial system, RedDot CMS (open text Web solutions), allows the staff of Alnatura, as editors completely independently and without programming skills to create content, maintain, sort, and manage. Extension modules developed by Aiticon also increase the page care comfort and support integrated automation processes. A modular page design ensures that individual editing options are not restricted by the automation. The Alnatura project manager Dominic Menzler is enthusiastic: we could thanks to careful planning and numerous intelligent Aiticon solutions, efficiency and performance within our “Online editorial several-fold increase: we deal with per time unit now about three times as much work as before the relaunch.” Also, maintaining content is decentralized continuously since then. Thanks to the intuitive usability, gradually more and more employees involved in the website maintenance and therefore things are”kept by the online editorial team. This creates additional gains in efficiency.

The time gained invested Alnatura in the development of online communication and marketing. The project leader Menzler sums up the cooperation with Aiticon: Aiticon develops extremely customer-oriented solutions and excellent advice. Strict quality management, a very disciplined project management and last but not least, leave no wish open at my enthusiasm for our philosophy of development. A perfect partner for Alnatura.” Worth the intensification of the online communication of Alnatura, proved a campaign right after the relaunch: as a special action for the anniversary was mostly online Dialogue-based campaign is technically implemented. The customers could develop new designs for the packaging of eight existing Alnatura products and submit online. Material incentives of any kind has been deliberately omitted. The result: Over 1,000 designs entered online and by E-Mail and post on the entry form. This success exceeded the most optimistic expectations and confirmed Alnatura, continue to go this way. Interested Internet visitors will find the new Alnatura appearance under w Company profile: The IT service provider and RedDot premium partners was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main. Aiticon designed, implements and operates complex Web projects and applications. Expertise in the development of high-quality solutions has proven in many complex projects, also outside the red dot world, Aiticon.