Ahn Women One

It waits for the neighboring death that it patrol to each day, more it never gives up to see one day, its cantinho and its Brazil to turn the engaged land. Ahn Women One mineirinha of fiber, militant student and, fought against the dictatorship, imprisoned and was tortured, it had its rights hunted, and it suffered with preconceptions, it saw its governing that had to protect to it, to extend the hand to it, if to capsize against it, it to esbofetear with these same hands that would have to lull to sleep to it, saw its brothers I exercise of it to pursue to it, its brothers you police to arrest, saw the cell to it that before keeps outlaws, assassins and thief, to imprison its heart, its rights and its duties. One mineirinha courageous, that it was not intimidated to as many machistas, as many evildoers and predators, One mineirinha that it fought was successful and arrived at the power, of a shy form, more than strong arm. Tava being born victorious person, that of the blackout of its cell arrived at the brilliance of its and then now native only loved and idolatrada, that started to idolatrar it from now on, and many of its persecutors follow today it. It needed a before extinguished woman, one mineirinha, to bribe the congress and its corruptores, mineirinha needed one to bribe the ONU in the United States, paper that none then Brazilian, so machista and full country of maches, had courage to make, a full fiber Brazilian and when she needs arm iron, a full woman of courage that faced government and opposition, that faced governing and other nations, woman that I eat also prehad it that it waited for better Brazil, that with a difference, same it is only trying to make of Brazil a country more good, and its neighbor, the death, still goes to have that to wait a bit for this mineirinha that still it has much work to make, much machistas labor detail pra to execute, many men to order.