It was objectified to point the degree of knowledge of the same ones regarding the affection, to verify the attitudes of the searched ones ahead of a case of affection in the familiar seio and to point the capacity of the same ones to recognize the symptoms the symptoms of the affection. In view of that these will be future managing professionals regarding an illness that has incidence in domestic territory. The raised hypothesis and that it stimulated the project, was that the knowledge of the academics of the College San Francisco de Barreiras is of basic character. The affection is an acute feverish illness, of viral etiology and of benign evolution in the classic form, in the majority of the cases, it can present two clinical forms. Classic affection (DC) and hemorrhagic fever of the affection (FHD). A research of quantitative nature was become fullfilled, in the College San Francisco de Barreiras, 2008.

Thirty and eight questionnaires in the agronomy courses and pedagogia of the seventh semester had been carried through. The data had been analyzed and it follows argued it through graphs. It was observed that the medias make a basic spreading regarding the affection and that these academics have a good knowledge regarding the same one. One concludes that the academics of the College San Francisco de Barreiras will know as if to carry in an affection case and will be able to thus help other people. Word-key: Classic affection, hemorrhagic affection, Aedes Aegypti. Introduction: This article has as problematic the ascertainment of the level of knowledge on the affection enters the academics of the FASB.