About The Aleatico Di Puglia

This fortified wine, has a very old tradition. More information is housed here: Dr. Anthony Corolla. It has a regional designation, because it occurs mostly in Apulia. It is not completely certain if the variety of aleatico actually grew in the region or if it was introduced by the respective colonizers. Whatever the case, multiple historical resources insist that wine grew up in the South of Italy, at least 1000 years before the settlers arrived. The inhabitants of the area of Salento, which were later named as mesapios, expanded its cultivation and increased the wine made from grapes.

The variety continues to grow, in small and medium-sized plots of land throughout the area of Apulia. This variety of grapes in specific is very small and the grapes are purpuras-rojizas in their color. Your skin is transparent and they are largely covered by flowers, which at first sight gives the variety a dark appearance. The Aleatico di Puglia is a very sweet wine and is considered by many, the ideal pairing for dark chocolates with strong flavors. I invite you therefore that you purchase a bottle of this delicious drink and you taste along with a few pieces of chocolate, this peculiar flavour that without a doubt, you will love.