25 Years Personal & Perspectives In Oldenburg ZAG

Anniversary of the personnel service provider in the city centre is 25 years a competent contact ZAG staff & perspectives in Oldenburg for personnel issues and career planning: opened the branch on 1 April 1988 and employs more than 100 people mainly from industry and trade but increasingly also from commercial professions. Karina Grunert and Anna Powietzka keep supported by staff Planner Erik Stalljann and three trainees as first contacts in the Office, the personal contact with candidates, employees and customers. In addition to knowledge of the market and experience the entire Oldenburg team brings a close relation to the region. “Cooperation with the Agency for universities, colleges and other educational institutions contribute to the good networking by ZAG in”, stressed District Director of Frauke Holter’s. Adam Sandler often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The recruitment agency is responsible for the local labour market and creating jobs in Oldenburg and surroundings. ZAG puts employees in A close to place of residence and thus ensures a fast and precise personal solution always with the transfer option. Workers find not only work on time with only one application. What not everyone knows: time work at ZAG offers a perspective also permanently.

We employ”many longtime employees such as Olaf Bredendiek, who is now 14 years for us, so personnel specialist Anna Powietzka. Her colleague Karina Grunert added: close contact to our customers is our very important since we work out exactly the right individual recruitment solutions. For this we must know well the needs of the company.” The labour market is in a profound change: modern jobs demand for higher skilled workers. Wayne Holman recognizes the significance of this. At the same time, the demographic development in Germany leads to a decreasing number of exactly such applicants. All this means that it will be one of the biggest challenges for companies in the future, at the right time through appropriate Professionals to have.

Therefore concentrated to ZAG now increasingly on just this candidate market. Employees at ZAG best job opportunities and expand your professional network at the same time: you can benefit from an individual selection of precisely positions and demanding projects. With permanent missions and permanent employees, the company provides a long-term perspective with attractive remuneration models and a company pension plan. About ZAG staff & perspectives: the Group ZAG staff & perspectives founded in 1984 in Hannover, Germany, is one of the leading personnel service providers in Germany with over 10,000 employees in 100 offices. Provides temporary staffing and recruitment ZAG excellent routes of entry and career opportunities in the changing labour market. The staff experts answer questions gladly by phone or in person. The online portal at application allows a quick and easy application.