October 2021 archive

Healthy Drinking

Well washed hands and the face, was arranged and came out to meet with Mauro. I was already ready to continue. Along the way from the bathroom to the table he had decided that for a drink he wouldn’t you spend nothing and nobody gets drunk with a single glass of Bourbon, how much she …

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One of the best ways to find out what is needed to achieve a successful performance in a given job, is studying individuals who have a successful performance therein and analyze what to do to achieve it. That is to say, an assessment not of place of work, but of the person who performs the …

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Buenos Aires

With that setting political and already assumed the problem of garbage, one of whose sequel in the resistance of the residents of many municipalities to receive the generated throughout the area; There is an initiative of a deputy provincial of the sector currently ruling in that jurisdiction, which aims to prohibit the reception in the …

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